• Drivers must wear approved full face helmet, approved fire jackets and pants with SFI rating of 3-2a-1, seatbelt, SFI shoes recommended.

  • Cowl induction hood allowed-No open holes.

  • Tires must be D.O.T. approved for highway use 33x12.50 inches, or 305-70-16 metric maximum tires size. No cut tires. No boggers. No recaps.

  • One ton driveline or less, u-joints, driveshaft, rear end, transmission and transfer case. Trucks must have complete suspension in factory location with at least 1” of travel but may be temporally blocked to pull. All rear-end bars must be forward of rear axle.

  • No special bumpers, snowplow hook ups, or brush guards. Front bumper must be in stock location and nothing protruding beyond the bumper.

  • The decisions of pulling officials are final.

  • Trucks must have reverse lights of some sort.

  • Must have scatter-proof bell housing or blanket, and a kill switch.

  • Any unsafe manner of vehicle (on or off track) will be disqualified.

  • Top 3 placing trucks may be etched after pull. Any truck in violation will forfeit placing and hook fees, tear down and protest rules apply.

  • Fuel cells can be added but must be secured inside the bed or under the bed.

  • Front axle must be in factory location, maximum wheelbase 134 inches. No narrowing of the front or rear axle, 3 rear leaf springs minimum.

  • Truck must have a full body. No gutting of truck. Trucks must have full bed and solid floor made of metal or wood with rear inner fenders and all factory glass. No flatbeds.

  • Any truck that has been lightened in any way may be penalized by adding weight to the rear of the vehicle at the discretion of the tech official.

  • All vehicles must have a working fire extinguisher.

  • Must have working hydraulic brakes.

  • No batteries in cab.


  • Weight can be added, but must be secured and not visible in the front of the vehicle. Weight must be secured and can be visible in the bed of the truck.


  • Hitch is to be no more than 20 inches off the ground, and hook point must be 42 inches minimum from center rear axle. All vehicles must have easy and ample access to hitch to hook chain. Pivot point of hitch cannot be forward of center of rear axle and must be below top of frame rail. No bars or chains from hitch to axle. All bars or hitch components must fasten to the frame rail only. Hitch opening must be 3.25 wide by 3.75 deep.

  • Hitches must be tight and have no movement in any direction.

  • Maximum 472 cubic inch, naturally aspirated.

  • Single four barrel carburetor, maximum 4150 flange allowed. No Dominator, King Demon, or predator carburetors allowed.

  • No fuel injection.

  • Cast iron blocks must be used. No aluminum blocks. Factory aluminum heads are allowed. All blocks and heads must have OEM part number. Any productions block. No Merlin, Dart, Bowtie, or SVO parts. No hemi heads.

  • Aluminum intakes are allowed.

  • Headers are allowed must exit down and back.

  • Electric water pumps are allowed.

  • Race fuel is allowed. No alcohol, LP, or Nitrous oxide.

  • All engines are required to have a S.F.I. approved balancer and flywheel.

  • Front of engine block cannot extend more than 10 inches the center of the front axle. Front axle must be in stock location.


  • All engines must be equipped with a harmonic balancer or dampener meeting SFI Spec 18.1.

  • All vehicles are required to shield all rotating mass mounted on the front of the crankshaft, if unobstructed. Shields to be from frame rail to frame rail and top to bottom. Shields to be a minimum of .125” steel or aluminum fastened by at least 2 evenly spaced 3/8” grade 5 bolts.

Harmonic Balancer

  • All u-joints and yokes must have a 360 degree cover, at least 6” long (covering entire yoke and u-joint), 1/4” thick steel (3/8” thick aluminum). Inside diameter of shield will be no more than 2” larger than u-joint. If cover is cut in half it must be fastened no farther than 1” from ends with at least 3/8” - grade 8 bolts. Must be bolted a maximum of 6” from bolt to bolt. All intermediate shafts need covered 360 degrees. NO HINGE STYLE fasteners permitted. Must be securely fastened.

U-Joint Shielding

  • Drive shaft loops required (3/4” or wider), 1/8” or thicker steel (1/4” or thicker aluminum). No more than 2” larger than the largest u-joint. If cut in half, must be bolted within 1” from ends and a maximum of 16” apart from loop to loop (multiple loops). If using a one piece cover it must be bolted a maximum of 6” apart the entire length and at least 1” from ends. All fasteners must be at least 3/8” - grade 8 bolts. NO HINGE STYLE permitted. Must be securely fastened.

Drive Shaft Loops